about me

Yes, I have always loved to draw, not portraits, or landscapes, not even flowers, although I did win an award for a flower drawing in high school. I love drawing lines. In the lines, I see stories, places, and fantasies. As an Intake worker in Social Welfare, I started drawing on pieces of paper and handed out my drawings to my co-workers. This calmed my anxiety allowing to get through the day.

After 30 years in Social Welfare, I reinvented myself as a Living History Actor. Twenty-years I performed Nationally. Then the pandemic. Performances cancelled. Anxiety lifted its head. Without thinking about the pass, I started drawing lines, on back of mail envelopes, empty package containers, lined writing paper, etc. One drawing I put on printing paper while my eyes were closed. “I do not know why! I just did it. It was different because I allowed my imagination to guide me instead of my eyes. I open my eyes and what a surprise I saw inventive patterns. I filled in the enclosed spaces providing a 3-demison affect.

I sent a drawing to my family and friends on Facebook, the response was great! But they are my family and friends always supportive of me. I thought to myself is it really that good? A friend of mine for more than forty years, remined me of the drawings I gave out in the intake room. How good they were. After hearing that I am crazy searching online to learn more about the art I left behind many years ago.

I came across Art Prof Deepti Menon. She critiqued art online. I submitted a drawing, she validated what my family and friends saw, this reinforced my trust in my craft. I submitted my work to “Small Pieces Art Show” Wethersfield Academy of the Arts in 2018. 2019 Spectrum Art Gallery, Centerbrook CT., then Perspectives Exhibit Galleries at Work_Space Manchester CT. 2021 I showed my Art at the Glastonbury “On the Green” Arts Festival and I won 2nd place red ribbon in my category. This blew my mind! I want more of those ribbons even though red is my favorite color I will accept a BLUE ribbon.

Drawing gives me such inner peace and the finish project brings joy.

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